Participated in CEAS EuroGNC 2024


On July 11-13, 2024, we participated in “CEAS EuroGNC 2024” at the University of Bristol in Bristol, United Kingdom.
EuroGNC was created in 2011 to foster the exchanges within the European GNC community and between the European GNC community and the rest of the world. EuroGNC is
an applied conference with strong aeronautics and space orientation. Non-aerospace applications with similar challenges and modeling approaches (e.g. automotive, robotics, wind energy, underwater vehicles), theoretical works that are applicable to the aeronautics and space problems within the scope of EuroGNC are welcome.

In this conference, I attended a lecture by a flight control designer of the VX-4 under development at Vertical Aerospace Ltd., an eVTOL manufacturer based in Bristol, a lecture by a test pilot of the X-59, a quiet supersonic technology under development at NASA, and a lecture on the automatic aerial refueling technology developed by Airbus, which was very useful and informative.


The topics for the EuroGNC conference include, but are not limited to:

●Control Theory, Analysis and Design
●Applications of Guidance, Navigation, and Control:
・To all types of aerospace vehicles: Aircraft, Spacecraft, Missiles, Mini/Micro Air Vehicles, Drones, Multi-copters
・To other aerospace systems: e.g. in Air Traffic Control Systems, Ground Segments, etc.
・To non-aerospace systems with similar challenges (e.g. in Automotive, Underwater Vehicles, Ships, etc.)

with or without human presence/intervention, i.e. at all levels of autonomy.
●Intelligent Control / AI in Aeronautics and Astronautics
●Aerospace Robotics and Unmanned/Autonomous Systems
●Novel Navigation, Estimation and Tracking Methods
●Sensor Systems for Guidance, Navigation and Control
●Flight Mechanics, Dynamics, and Simulation
●Modelling of Aerospace Systems
●Flight Testing and Experimental Results (incl. Pilot/Astronaut/Operator-in-the-Loop)


AeroVXR will continue to contribute to the development of the industry in Japan and around the world by also focusing on researching trends in the latest aerospace technologies.
We will continue to share our overseas activities, so please look forward to them!