Features / Advantages

01Guidance and various certification consulting related to aircraft development work

General flow of aircraft development

General flow of aircraft development

02Safety Management System (SMS) in the aircraft industry

Safety Management System Framework

Safety Management System Framework

Consulting on Safety Management Systems as an aircraft manufacturer

  • Basic education on Safety Management System as OEM
  • Organizational construction for Safety Management System construction

03Development and Safety Assessment for aircraft design

Validation & Verification

Validation & Verification

Education and guidance on the design and development of aircraft, etc.

  • Aircraft development process according to APR4754A(Validation & Verification Process)

Education and guidance on Safety Assessment for aircraft design

  • Safety assessment method according to APR4761
    Aircraft Level Safety Assessment
    System Level Safety Assessment
    Equipment Level Safety Assessment
  • Evaluation of safety assessment results
  • Design approach for latent failure

04Safety Management and Risk Management related to flight tests

An example of Risk Management

An example of risk management

SMS introduction and guidance to the flight test site

  • Organization and education for building a Safety Management System
  • Internal standards and manuals that serve as safety management standards
  • Clarification and level evaluation of risks inherent in daily work
  • Human error related to flight tests and CRM (Crew Rescues Management)

Education and guidance on Risk Management related to flight tests

  • Risk awareness specific to flight tests
  • Introducing and implementing the Test Hazard Analysis system
  • Extraction of Hazard and determination of Severity and Probability
  • Holding and Operation of Safety Review Board

05Education of flight test pilots and engineers

General flow of flight test

General flow of flight test

Test operator (Experimental / Engineering Test Pilot)

  • Stability and Maneuverability of aircraft, etc.
  • Expansion of flight area of aircraft (flutter, flight load, stall, etc.)
  • System evaluation of equipment, etc.
  • Evaluation of human factors, especially display systems

Flight test technician (Flight Test Engineer)

  • Flight test preparation (test card) and data analysis
  • Specific flight test requirements and conformity assessment