Company Infomation

Creating a future where flying vehicles become familiar

We will create a society in which future vehicles such as drones and flying cars fly in the sky in harmony with existing airplanes and helicopters,
and the movement of people and the distribution of goods can be achieved safely and quickly.
We will create a world in which flying vehicles become a part of daily life and can be used safely by everyone.
We will create an environment where space and flying vehicles become part of familiar adventures and activities,
and everyone can enjoy safe and thrilling experiences.

MissionBusiness purpose


    Based on the belief that safety should be given top priority, we aim to be accident-free and create a culture that is always conscious of improving safety.

  • MISSIONBravo

    Always conscious of being able to use it with peace of mind on a daily basis, we will demonstrate performance that combines individual experiences with our partners, and contribute to the delivery of highly reliable and comfortable vehicles to society.

  • MISSIONCharlie

    As the best partner of R & D, manufacturing and operation related companies, we will grow together toward a clear common goal and contribute to the development of the aerospace industry.

  • MISSIONDelta

    We will conduct research and research on the latest aerospace technology and operations, think about what kind of technology can contribute to the future, share knowledge and know-how with society, and create the next generation of aerospace culture.


    Human resources involved in new aircraft and spacecraft development and national certification are invaluable. Industry-government-academia collaboration will contribute to the development of human resources who will lead the future of the aerospace industry.

OutlineCorporate information

Company name
Yoshiyuki Yasumura
Established Date
April 1, 2021
Capital stock
10 million yen
3-86, Ryokuen-minami, Kakamigahara, Gifu, JAPAN
Business content
1:Survey, research, development and experiment on flying vehicles in general.
2:Support and consulting of aircraft (including UAS) R & D, flight testing, certification, operation.
3:Providing education, guidance and management systems related to aircraft (including UAS) design, SMS, development, etc.
4:Inspection work related to certification of aircraft (including UAS).
5:Education, training and guidance for flight test personnel (Pilots, engineers, etc.).