Participated in EUROCAE Symposium 2024 and awarded “International Award”.


On April 24-25, 2024, we participated in “EUROCAE Symposium 2024” in Lucerne Culture and Congress Center, Lucerne, Switzerland.
At Symposium, many experts from manufacturers, airlines, and regulatory authorities attended the two-day event, where panel sessions were held on a variety of topics.
“EUROCAE Awards 2024” was also held on April 24, where members who have contributed to the standardization activities of EUROCAE are selected and awarded every year.

Hiroaki Nakata, COO of AeroVXR, awarded “International Award” this year for his active participation in EUROCAE Working Group 105 “Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)” and his significant contribution in supporting the development of the guidance document for “EASA Special Condition Light Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Medium Risk”.
Congratulations! We are very proud of this award!
AeroVXR will continue to actively participate in the activities of the International Civil Standardization Organizations, including EUROCAE.


Scenes from Symposium Day1


Scenes from EUROCAE Awards


Scenes from Symposium Day2


What is “EUROCAE”?

Abbreviation for “European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment“. Founded in Switzerland in 1963, it is a non-profit organization and one of the globally recognized International Civil Aviation Standardization Organizations leading the development of European civil aviation standards. It currently has over 450 members, including industry, service providers, regulators, research institutes and international organizations.

EUROCAE develops and promotes consensus-based standards for civil aviation systems and equipment, and its standards support international harmonization and global interoperability, and significantly contribute to the safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability of the global aviation system.