We have exhibited at Japan Drone 2023 / Advanced Air Mobility EXPO 2023.


↑Preparation for setup the day before the event

On June 26-28, 2023, we exhibited at Japan Drone 2023 / Advanced Air Mobility EXPO 2023, one of the largest drone exhibitions in Japan. A large number of visitors, 18,000, came to the exhibition over the three days, and we are very grateful for the many visitors who came to our booth!

↓The venue on the day of the event

As usual, the event was crowded with many people.

Our joint AeroVXR LLC & SCLabAir Inc. booth

We exhibited again this year as we did last year. This year, we increased the number of booths by one, to two, in order to attract as many visitors as possible.
We took advantage of last year’s experience to create a pamphlet and stickers, and we were very enthusiastic about the event! We also opened JTPS (Japan Test Pilot School) in January, so we promoted that as well. Thanks to these efforts, we received many questions such as “What is a test pilot?” ” What is the difference from the drone school?”.  We are proud to say that we were able to gain a lot of interest from the many questions we received. We hope you will visit our booth again next year. We hope to increase the number of booths next year so that more people will be able to see our products.

Here are some of the aircraft from various manufacturers.

First of all, this is the booth of GMO Internet Group, which had a very eye-catching display at the entrance.

This is the “HEXA” aircraft manufactured by Lift Aircraft. In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about “flying cars,” and the speed at which they are being developed overseas is astonishing.
I like video games, and I felt once again that the world that used to be beyond the screen has become a reality. I am sure it will take some time before it is put to practical use, but I am glad to know that we are living in an age when we may be able to experience a world where we can fly around in such vehicles instead of cars.

This is HIEN Aero Technologies’ aircraft, which had a large drone on display.

I have seen many large Japanese drones, but this is the first time I have seen a drone of this size with a jet engine. Although I think it is still in the development stage, it is no longer a dream that drones like this will fly freely over everyone, delivering packages and flying around as a matter of course. I am very excited about the future development of these aircraft.

Next is the booth of EAMS Robotics.

EAMS Robotics has been developing and updating various aircraft every year, and the aircraft has become even larger than the previous model, making it more practical for logistics every year. I personally like this ray-like futuristic form very much.
What will you think when such a future arrives in which you can order something you want immediately and have it delivered within a few dozen minutes, not necessarily tomorrow?
Medical supplies immediately came to my mind. “If only they had been delivered a few minutes earlier…”  I think the reality is that such a situation is happening more than we think.
I realized that it is very important to utilize drones appropriately while considering their merits and demerits.

This is KDDI’s booth.

KDDI has introduced a drone made by Skydio, and they were demonstrating remote control of the drone (I forgot to take a picture…). It was a very interesting exhibition.
The drone was operated from the venue, and the drone was being operated live in front of our eyes, not in Tokyo or Chiba, but in another prefecture, far away. I had heard about it, but this was the first time for me to actually see it in front of my eyes. The drone was in a school far away, but it was flying freely through the corridors and doors of the school. I was impressed by how accurately the drone flew through the designated waypoints without bumping into anything. The days of flying with a radio may soon be gone, and drones that can be programmed or fly autonomously will be abundant in the near future.

Although there were only a few companies this time, there were so many aircraft with great concepts that we could not introduce them all.
I would like to continue to actively investigate these aircraft in the future.

That is all. Thank you very much.