We have exhibited at Japan Drone 2022 / Advanced Air Mobility EXPO 2022


↑Preparation for setup the day before the event

On June 21-23, 2022, we exhibited at Japan Drone 2022 / Advanced Air Mobility EXPO 2022, one of the largest drone exhibitions in Japan.
We are very grateful for the many visitors who came to our booth.

↓The venue on the day of the event

Last time, only one hall was used, so it did not feel very spacious, but this time, two halls were used, so it was spacious and very open.

Our joint AeroVXR LLC & SCLabAir Inc. booth

It was a little bit undue for us, a very small company, to be standing shoulder to shoulder with so many large companies. But we wanted to make our company better known and to communicate our technological capabilities, and then We decided to participate in this year’s exhibition. Until we exhibited, we were nervous about how many people would come to our booth because the words “aircraft certification, type certification, and software certification” had not yet penetrated the world, but we were very happy to hear that many people had questions and approached us. Both of us were very satisfied with the results of our mission to exhibit at this year’s event. We look forward to the next time you exhibit at our booth.

Here are some of the aircraft from various manufacturers.

First of all, TERRA LABO’s aircraft was prominently displayed at the entrance.

After all, it’s so big! Compare it to the person in the photo. The tip of the fuselage is shaped like a dolphin, and every detail of the fuselage is very beautifully streamlined and aerodynamically designed. Furthermore, the aircraft is equipped not only with a motor but also with a jet engine, which raises great expectations for the future.

Next was SONY, which had a very impressive booth.

This is SONY’s Airpeak has quickly become famous since it was first shown at an exhibition last year. It is not too much to say that this aircraft was made only for aerial photography. Although the short flight time is a bottleneck, we can’t wait to see what SONY will do in the future with this unique idea of flying with an SLR camera on board!

Next will be the booth of the Cetacean Research Institute of Japan.

The Institute of Cetacean Research exhibited at last year’s event as well, and has been developing drones mainly for whale observation…but this year’s model, “Kai5,” is a further improved model. It boasts a flying distance of 104 km and a maximum speed of 160 km/h, which is one of the top class flight performance among Japanese drone manufacturers. Needless to say, if the distance and speed continue to increase, it will become an extraordinary aircraft. We have high expectations for the future.


This booth is located across from our booth and is a company that mainly develops military drones.
They are a large company with a lot of flight experience in aircraft type drones.

This is ITOCHU Corporation’s booth.

The first photo shows Wingcopter’s latest model aircraft, and the second photo shows SkyDrive’s cargo drone. This booth was very popular and was always full of people. (I envy them.) That’s why I couldn’t take many good pictures…. Sorry about that.
Both aircraft are highly anticipated because they are designed for various use cases with a focus on transportation.

Although there were only a few companies this time, there were so many aircraft with great concepts that we cannot introduce them all yet.
We would like to continue to actively investigate these aircraft in the future.

That is all. Thank you very much.