We have supported EAMS Robotics Co., Ltd. as a Certification Consultant in their activities for ” Class 2 Type Certification” of UAS in Japan!


On April 5, 2024, EAMS Robotics Co., Ltd. announced that it has certificated ” Class 2 Type Certification ” for its E6150TC after an inspection by Nihon Kaiji Kyokai, a registered inspection organization, for conformity with safety standards etc.

We have supported their activities to apply for Type Certification as a Certification Consultant.
We will continue to contribute to the development of the aerospace industry with our partners!


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What is the Type Certification?

The Type Certification is a system that guarantees the safety and uniformity of the strength, structure, and performance of mass-produced aircraft designed and manufactured by unmanned aircraft manufacturers, etc.
The unmanned aircraft approved Type Certification can be omitted from all or part of the inspections for Aircraft Certification that require application for each aircraft.