Today marks the first anniversary of the opening of JTPS (Japan Test Pilot School)!


Today, January 10, 2024, marks the first anniversary of the opening of the first Japan Test Pilot School (JTPS) in Asia.
So far, 16 students have graduated the school, and we have provided them with the knowledge and skills necessary for the development of aircraft etc.
As long as there are people who need this know-how, we will continue to do our best!
We look forward to working with you!

The entrance ceremony on January 10, 2023

Details of actual courses taken

Total of 16 JTPS students completed (12 FTP / 4 FTE)

✓Type Certification FTP/FTE Initial Course (170H)
Graduates: 2 FTP, 2 FTE

✓Fixed wing FTP/FTE Short Course (80H)
Graduation: 2 FTP, 2 FTE

✓Rotary Wing FTP/FTE Short Course (80H)
Graduated: 3 FTP

✓Unmanned Aircraft D&R Examination Course (40H)
Graduation: 2 FTP

✓Flight Test Project Course (20H)
Graduation: 3 FTP

※FTP: Flight Test Pilot
※FTE: Flight Test Engineer