Japan Drone 2022 / Advanced Air Mobility EXPO 2022 in Kyushu (Fukuoka)


↑Entrance to the venue

I went to Japan Drone 2022 / Advanced Air Mobility EXPO 2022 in Kyushu (Fukuoka)!

I am always doing research wherever there is an exhibition in Japan, and this time I went to Fukuoka. Many manufacturers had a variety of exhibits, and I have selected some of these manufactures to introduce to you, so please take a look.

BRAVERIDGE, Inc’s booth.

A manufacturer of various precision machines makes a wide variety of products. Among them, this time they produced a remote ID.
Seeing is believing, so please take a look at the photos below.

Have you ever seen a remote ID of this size? It is very small because it is produced with small drones in mind.
The antenna extends to the right side, and although it is recommended to be mounted on the top of the aircraft, it can be installed inside the aircraft without having to choose a location. There is no case, so you have to take that into consideration, but for hobbyists who fly drones and are concerned about the appearance, this would be a great choice.

Panasonic’s booth.

Panasonic was exhibiting jointly with several other manufacturers. The company has demonstrated its technological capabilities in a wide variety of fields, which is nothing short of amazing.

This is a collaboration product with TEAD Corporation. This is an application, remote ID, and receiver using Google Map.
Remote ID is now mandatory, but not many people are willing to pay at least 10,000 yen for it because it offers no benefit to the user. However, this is a product that can be used by such users.
“The drone has crashed in the forest and is lost… The drone has broken down and won’t turn on. I have no idea where it went down.”
I think it is quite possible that this happens. In such cases, this receiver is a wonderful product that picks up the remote ID signal and reflects it to the smartphone app when it is mounted on a different drone and flown into the sky.
This receiver detects all remote IDs within a certain range, so I think this product is a must-have for airport control towers and facilities that manage multiple drones. Expectations are high for this product as it will be compatible with all remote IDs (not only those made by TEAD Corporation) in the future.

Tokyo Electric Power Company’s booth.

I found something very interesting and would like to share it with you.

What do you think this is? We’ll give away a pair of Disney tickets to anyone who can guess!
All joking aside, this is a wireless charger for industrial drones. It has coils in the legs to charge the battery.
In my opinion, the bottleneck of industrial drones is the size and weight of their batteries, and I think that a single wireless charging port would make them truly autonomous (not having a person change batteries) by allowing them to automatically go to the charging station. I thought it was a great idea.
It is still in the development stage, so I have high expectations for the future.

I have been to (and will continue to go to) various drone exhibitions, and I could clearly feel every manufacture’s intention to promote drones, and I felt that I could not be outdone.

That is all. Thank you very much.