Finally, AeroVXR has a drone pilot!


I passed the UAS First Class Pilot (multicopter) skill test!

I have been taking a training course for UAS first class pilot (multicopter) at ROBOZ Corporation (HP:… and then, I passed the skill test successfully!

I am a complete amateur and although I have a civilian certification, I haven’t touched a drone since then… It’s been two years since I touched a drone.
I was wondering what would happen, but ROBOZ gave me a thorough training and I managed to pass the test.
I am now going to take the physical examination and the written exam, so I would like to continue my studies so that I can pass those exams as well.
I will report to you again when I get my license. I will do my best to give everyone a good report!

※They were kind, sometimes strict, and serious, with me, and they were able to adjust their schedule to suit my availability. I recommend this school.

Here are some photos.

Pre-flight inspection. The fuselage and frame are inspected for distortion, warping, loose screws, etc.

During the flight. It was quite difficult during the day due to the wind….