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Circular Information Management

No.0-000: Circular system


JCAB’s Circulars are those Circulars issued by the relevant divisions of JCAB Safety Department , which the Aircraft Safety Division has deemed appropriate to disseminate and clearly indicate to the parties concerned, in order to clarify the procedures to be followed when an application, etc. is to be made under laws and regulations, and to properly maintain and control matters for which a license or approval has been granted.
The numbering system is as follows.

No. 1 (→indicates the following classification)-001 (→indicates the continuation number)

1 … Procedures and policies for certification and approval of aircraft and equipment
2 … Procedures and policies for certification of workplace
3 … Procedures and policies for maintenance in general
4 … Procedures and policies for air transport services and aircraft use services
5 … Procedures and policies for approval of operations
6 … Other general policies.
7 … Various Tables
8 … Procedures and policies for certification of UAV


In contrast, the Advisory Circular (AC) issued by the FAA is a type of publication issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that provides guidance for compliance with airworthiness regulations, pilot certification, operational standards, training standards, and other regulations within 14 CFR Aeronautics and Space Title. In general, advisory circulars have no binding or regulatory force, but some have the effect of de facto, such as standards and regulations.