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Book Introduction

DO-178C Practical Guidebook

Author: MHI Aerospace Systems, Inc.
Publisher: Sankeisha
This is probably the only publication in Japan on the DO-178C standard required for certification of onboard aircraft software. It not only explains the difficult DO-178C in an easy-to-understand manner, but it is also a good read for companies that develop new aircraft software or intend to install existing software. One of the authors, Mr. Kagami, has started his own company to support software certification, so companies struggling with software development for installation may want to consult with him.

Introduction to Drone Engineering

Author: Dr. Kenzo Nonani
Publisher: Corona Publishing Co.
This book focuses on flight control, including derivation of a multi-rotor drone motion model, general navigation and control equipment configuration, and introduction to control algorithms.” Although titled “Introductory,” the book is technically in-depth, as it presents the results of research conducted by the author at a university. Those who develop their own drone control algorithms may find some hints in the book.

Test Pilot’s Testimony: Struggles and Lessons Learned in Postwar Domestic Aircraft Development

Author: Eizo Hasegawa
Publisher: Ataku Tousha

Testimony of Designers

Author: Jiro Horikoshi, Hidemasa Kimura, Masao Yamana, Takeo Doi, and others
Publisher: At Large Publishing Co.