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Outline of Type Certification, etc. of Domestic Aircraft

Circular No. 1-003: Type Certification of Domestic Aircraft, etc.


This document outlines the procedures and workflow from application to issuance of a type certificate, Supplemental Type Certificate for Aircraft Designs or Repair and Alteration Design Approval, as specified in Circular No. 1-001 and applicable to domestic aircraft, regarding the outline of examination and inspection for Part II “Type Certification and Type Design Change”, Part III “Supplemental Type Certificate for Aircraft Designs and Changes in Supplemental Type Certificate for Aircraft Designs”, and Part V “Repair and Alteration Design Approval and Changes in Repair and Alteration Design”.

The workflow for the various certifications/approvals described above is generally as follows.



In addition, the Circular No., which describes the details of the various tasks, is as follows.

Circular No. in which details are to be provided Title
1 1-301 Guidelines for Implementation of Pre-Coordination
2 1-302 Guidelines for Application of Airworthiness Examination Procedures, etc.
3 1-303 Guidelines for Handling Special Requirements, Equivalent Safety and Exemptions
4 1-304 Guidelines for Handling Conformity Opinion
5 1-305 Guidelines for the Operation of Type Certification Examination Board
6 1-306 Guideline for Handling Flight Test Start Confirmation Letter
7 1-307 Conformity Certification Plan
8 1-308 Planning and Management of Conformity Inspection and Test Witness
9 1-309 Conformity Inspection and Test Witness
10 1-310 Deviation Sheet Operation Procedure
11 1-311 Procedure for Implementation of Manufacturing Process Inspection
12 1-312 Quality Control Examination Policy for Manufacturing
13 1-313 Guideline for Establishment of “Airworthiness Limit” in “Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
14 1-314 Type Certification Data Sheet Preparation Procedure