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Book Introduction Part 7


Author: Heffly, R.K. , Jewell, W. F.
Publisher: NASA

This book is a paper that collects airframe motion models (but linear models) of various airframes for maneuverability evaluation. A block diagram of the flight control law for each aircraft is also presented, although in a simplified version. The aircraft included are NT-33A, F-104A, F-4C, X-15, HL-10, Jetstar, CV-880M, B-747, C-5A, and XB-70A. It is worth reading for those who want to fly these aircraft in flight simulators and other aircraft.
In the case of B-747, the model requires lots of power to operate the control wheel, but when combined with the airframe model, it is very difficult to fly without this amount of steering power due to the slow response of the aircraft (it becomes PIO).