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Book Introduction Part 5

Follow me! Use “Artisan Tools” to Squash Design Troubles! -How to use FMEA, FTA and Design Review wisely!

Author: Yoshimasa Kunii
Publisher: Nikkan Kogyo Shinbunsha

The book explains the methods of FMEA/FTA and design review, which are quality control methods, in an easy-to-understand manner.
It explains why FMEA/FTA and design review are not so effective despite the fact that they are thoroughly implemented as a means to strengthen quality control. The book also provides simple examples of FMEA/FTA implementation.

Standards for Aircraft Maintenance Operations – FAR43, AC43.13-1B&2A

Editor: Public Interest Incorporated Association   Japan Aeronautical Engineers’ Association
Publisher: Public Interest Incorporated Association   Japan Aeronautical Engineers’ Association

Based on FAA Advisory Circular AC43.13-1B and AC43.13-2A (the latest is 2B), this publication provides the basic standards for specific tasks related to aircraft inspection and repair and aircraft modification.
Although this book is concerned with commercial aircraft, it also includes inspection/repair methods for various materials, weight and center of gravity measurements, wiring installation methods, environmental protection and inspection methods for wiring, etc., and may be useful for maintenance/repair of unmanned aircraft.