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Certification Basis for Type Certification, etc.

Certification Basis

The following two standards apply to Type Certification of UAS

1. Standards regarding strength, structure and performance to ensure safety of aircraft (Article 236-15 of Regulations for Enforcement Civil Aeronautics Act)
2. Standards established as necessary to ensure uniformity (Article 236-24 of Regulations for Enforcement Civil Aeronautics Ac)

Inspection procedures for these standards are specified in Circular No. 8-001 “Inspection Procedures for Safety and Uniformity Standards for Type Certification, etc. of UAS”, which provides specific standards.

However, special requirements may be established in addition to the Inspection Guideline as criteria for inspections pertaining to Type Certification when new technology is introduced into the design or when it becomes necessary to apply additional new criteria or methods to prove conformity to the standards in order to ensure safety, depending on the individual design. In addition, when it is judged that the application of some of the criteria is unnecessary or other methods are more appropriate due to the uniqueness of the design, etc., the criteria may be omitted (Exemption) or changed (Equivalent Level Of Safety).

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