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Unmanned Aircraft: Inspection of Manufacturing Processes in Type Certification

Inspects that each process is set up appropriately to realize the design

(1) Inspection of processes

●Inspection of documents
Confirm that the requirements of design data, etc., are appropriately reflected in the documents that define the process.

●Inspection of actual products
Confirmation that the manufactured product conforms to the design data.

●Witness inspection of the work process
If the appropriateness of the contents cannot be confirmed only by inspecting the documents, the actual work process is witnessed and confirmed.

(2) Inspection of quality control and quality control system

●The quality control and quality control system must be sufficient to assure that the manufactured products subject to the manufacturing process inspection conform to the design data for which conformity has been certified.

●Inspection to ensure that the quality control and quality control system is applied to the manufacturing process.