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Book Introduction Part 4

Dynamics of Atmospheric Flight

Author: Bernard Etkin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

This textbook derives the dynamics of aircraft and spacecraft, taking into account the effects of the earth’s rotation and orbit. It is intended for those who want to study the equations of motion of airplanes thoroughly. Especially, if you understand chapters 4 and 5, you can simulate the motion of various vehicles moving in three dimensions. There are some misprints in some parts, and it is rumored that the author made them on purpose, but it is not a problem because they are at a level that can be easily understood if you understand the book properly.

Robust Multivariable Flight Control

Authors: Richard J. Adams, James M. Buffington, Andrew G. Sparks and Siva S. Banda
Publisher: Springer-Vertag

This book introduces design methods for aircraft flight control using modern control theory, such as H∞ control and dynamic inversion control. Based on actual aircraft models, the book designs flight control that cover the entire actual flight envelope. This is intended for engineers who are in charge of flight control design for aircraft that cannot be controlled by classical control methods such as PID control, and for engineers who want to fly aircraft using modern control theory.

Airframe Structural Design: Practical Design Information and Data on Aircraft Structures

Author:Michael Chun-Yung Niu, Mike Niu
Publisher: Conmilit Press, 1988

This book introduces aircraft structural styles, structural calculations, and material strength.
It is a reference book for structural design of aircraft and spacecraft.
It includes not only the fuselage frame, but also the landing gear and other parts that are treated as “Structure + Equipment”.