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Book Introduction Part 2

Test Pilot’s Testimony: Struggles and Lessons Learned in Postwar Domestic Aircraft Development

Author: Eizo Hasegawa
Publisher: Kantousha

The author, who participated in the development of the YS-11, C-1, and FA-200 as a test pilot after World War II, describes the conditions of flight tests, etc. The book includes information such as the communication between the pilot and the designer during the development of the YS-11, which can be used as a reference in the development of new aircrafts throughout the ages. The book is also highly recommended for those who are considering acquiring a TC, as it describes the hardships involved in flight tests to obtain Type Certification.

Testimony of Designers(Part 1/Part 2)

Author: Jiro Horikoshi, Hidemasa Kimura, Masao Yamana, Takeo Doi, and others
Publisher: Kantousha

This book is a collection of testimonies from actual designers who were on the scene from the dawn of aircraft to the development of business aircraft after the war. You can read the real-life testimonies of the people who always appear when you learn the history of aviation. You can feel the thoughts of those who poured their passion into the development of airplanes.